Entrepreneur services should lead the Enterprises

14. 4. 2015

Entrepreneur services should lead the Enterprises

I wrote an article couple of years ago for Talouselämä (Finnish economics magazine) about how I’ll see companies focusing too much for “what & why” perspectives rather than “how”.

To recap what I was after in my article couple years ago was that I think (and still do) users like you and me, we don’t care how the IT services are working if they can bring us the result that is satisfying for me as individual.

Last Sunday during my breakfast, I read a good listing by guys at Holvi of top 10 tools every entrepreneur needs. Guess how many SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or EMC tools were mentioned in that list? None, Nada.

Not having the legacy systems holding you back but having the possibility to start from the scratch changes the perspective where do you invest. If you want to be fast, nimble and efficient, you cannot afford invest heavily to infrastructure, software and maintenance. You’re not able to loss that time for “non-important” things. You buy it as a service and use it for the time that is required and you pay-as-you-go.

But that is exactly what we are hearing from our customers that they wanna archive. What is holding these enterprises to leverage from these services that entrepreneurs are?

“Yeah, but they are not for enterprise!” - Maybe true, they are not seen as “enterprise ready” services as the old players but then again who cares? If someone can provide me services that does the needed job better than the well known enterprise solution, do I care?

Example from the list is Evernote, well known digital workspace service provider who offers their services for 127 million users worldwide, 31 of them in Europe. I bet you can find one Evernote user inside of your 10 closest colleagues? And are they using it for work purposes? most probably yes.

Evernote basically revolutionized the market of note keeping when they arrived to the market, Wix is doing the same as website builder, Mailchimp for online marketing.

My point is that we as human beings love to make change resistance of anything new when we should be looking more of them as possibilities that could change our organization in all three dimension; business, culture and technology level. Business drives, technology enables and together they bring positive cultural change.

What do you think? Are we too afraid of change resistance and not voluntarily taking new challenges?